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A solution provider for all your surveillance needs with the world’s best products and technologies backed by committed service towards customer satisfaction At Confitech , We have over forteen Years of extensive experience in CCTV segment.We work towards a customised surveillance solution that gives you the best coverage at the most competitive prices. Our team works with some of the most prestigious system integrators, giving them an end to end solution that is complete in every way Our range of CCTV cameras and DVR’s are chosen from amongst the world’s most advanced technologies and are a great boon to every business. We have Technical and after sales support throughout the relationship.

We believe that it is important to provide specialist skills and knowledge in every field of security. This is why we have chosen to provide a separate CCTV service to our customers.

At Confitech we provide a timely, personal service which ensures you get looked after every step of the way, from your initial free consultation through to implementation of your purpose-designed CCTV system and beyond. Confitech is at the leading edge in the Digital Age with strengths in emerging technologies such as IP & Biometrics, already providing a number of digital and IP systems to the marketplace.